The COVID PANDEMIC is a worldwide threat that will keep us all alert for some time to come. Every country will more or less go through the same stages. We cannot stop it - but only can try to „flatten the curve“ and remain calm.

While everyone experiences it differently, the current and future measures taken have a great impact on the whole world. On every individual, the whole economy and nature. This somewhat forced moment of „pausing“ our common live is exceptional, and we should not just consciously experience it but also preserve it in a unique way. We have never been so far apart and yet so close together before. And we want to bring this contradiction and irony to the big screen.


LOCK DOWN LOVE should be a special project for a special time.

Under the premise: "short stories of the lockdown", we want to create a feature length documentary (approx. 100min.) for a cinema release, composed from footage by independent camera operators from all over the world. An extensive compilation of current and personal stories, impressions and perspectives. Moments which capture this state of emergency for future generations, even without sound, explanations or a narrator. Not from an objective but from an emotional and personal perspective. The focus is on through-through compositions, well arranged, cinematic and memorable. Through light, perspective and movement, something should be added to a plain journalistic documentation of the present. Overall an artistic vision should be prominent in the pictures and stories . It is about the aesthetics of this state of emergency.

The dramaturgical curve and the mood of the finished film will remain flexible and dynamic until the end as it will develop with every contributor.

Alongside the pictures we are already in contact with various artists and bands to produce a soundtrack for the documentary within similar guidelines.


Nowadays many self-employed camera operators have professional or semi-professional equipment at home. This enables them to produce high quality footage on their own without an entire team and direct contact with other people is not necessary for documentary footage. So, as a one-man/woman show it is allowed to spend time outdoors within reasonable extend. Off cause always within the local laws and restrictions. Participants should get their recordings from their immediate surroundings. It is NOT about wandering around town for some time! It is about getting direct impressions of one’s personal daily life in this state of emergency. Strange setups, unconventional free time activities, alloneliness or cabin fever.


If you want to become a part of LOCK DOWN LOVE, upload your material following the UPLOADBUTTON

A file can consist of a maximum of 3GB per upload. Our aim is to get the best out of the existing equipment. It is about quality and not quantity. Please keep in mind that the material is supposed to be used for the big screen (please at least FullHD).


LOCK DOWN LOVE is not a commercial project. However, if there are returns, they will be shared as follows: From a total of 100 tokens, 30 will be given to design, organisation, post-production, music and handling. Another 10 tokens will equally be distributed among the uploads which are not used in the film. The remaining 60 tokens will equally be distributed among the uploads which are used in the film, regardless of their respective length.



Samuel R. Schultschik

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The uploading creator transfers to Superfilm NON EXCLUSIVE the extensive exploitation rights to the uploaded material, unlimited in time and territory, and unlimited for all known and as yet unknown media and types of use.

The return flow (token) system described on the website more specific: ten percent of all return flows from the first euro are evenly distributed across all uploads that are not used in the film. 60% of the returns from the first euro are distributed to the uploads used, regardless of the length of the respective contribution. In addition, the author is not entitled to any fee or remuneration claims.

Superfilm is editorially absolutely free regarding the selection of the used contributions.

Superfilm is not obliged to complete and / or publish the project. If something goes wrong or a good film cannot be created due to a lack of interest or quality of the contributions, we simply leave it at that.

Superfilm is permitted to keep the creator posted via eMail.